Monday 10. December 2018

This site maintains a collection of projects I directed or photographed during the period 1999 to 2017. Those past successes and failures are here on display, courageously. My path has led me through the European art-scene and film industry in Hollywood, California. The older I get, the more my ignorance and self-importance is challengend by circumstance. Voluntary work in the social sector helps me to shed off grandeur and is invaluably necessary to maintain a healthy moral/spiritual perspective. 
I value craftsmanship and emotional intelligence. Both virtues are the source of my inspiration for projects. 

If the visitor is interested in names, places and numbers, there is a detailed list of my education and work when following the "TIMELINE" link. The section "ADHD" is used as a blog-esk space for updates, thoughts and findings. Visual, acoustic or written work of other copyright owners than myself is labeled accordingly. I claim no rights for what "The Oracle" has to say. 

To be able to focus on my writing, teaching and creative work, I decided to withdraw from all social media activities. Currently I'm working/living in Austria and teach filmmaking at Lightbox-Academy in Vienna. 
Thank you for visiting.
Paul Mann


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